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Breathe Project

Breathe Project is a clearinghouse for information on air quality in Pittsburgh, southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond. We use the best available science and technology to better understand the quality of the air we breathe and provide opportunities for citizens to engage and take action.

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Cracker Plant/St. Clairsville Injection Well Community Meeting

Aug 07, 2019

Community Meeting on proposed fracking injection wells in Richland Township and a discussion on the proposed PTTG ethane cracker plant for Belmont County.. August 7,…

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Climate Crisis Town Hall with PA Rep. Mike Doyle

Aug 14, 2019

Pennsylvania State Rep. Mike Doyle will hold a Town Hall on the Climate Crisis at Soldiers and Sailors Hall. More details to come.

Paddle With Peace & Prayer for Water Protection – Pittsburgh Landing

Aug 17, 2019

Degawenodas and other members of the Seneca community in New York are paddling the full length of the Ohi:yo’/Allegheny River in honor of World Peace…

Eco Districts Summit: 10 Year Anniversary

Nov 04, 2019

The annual Summit is the world’s only conference dedicated to neighborhood- and district-scale sustainability. Every year the EcoDistricts Summit brings together hundreds of thinkers and…

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Letter to Secretary McDonnell Re: Termination of the BCCD Delegation and Suspension of Pipeline Permits within Beaver County

Breathe Project

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Environmental groups file new lawsuit against @U_S_Steel for failing to properly report hazardous air emissions from #clairton plant @CleanAirCouncil @EHPinfo @KristinaSaurusR /S6eJ1oGsdo

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At Thursday’s meeting, resident after resident shared their story and pleaded with @GovernorTomWolf to #HaltMarinerNow. For the first time, Governor Wolf confirmed that while he does have the power to shut down Mariner East, he has no intention to do so. /H1Si0lCAC6

@SierraClub @BreatheProject Not "threats", realities. All the fracking that will supply this thing already affects people's health. Just wait until they turn it on....

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By 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Meet the person who is literally running across America to raise awareness about this critical issue. /0O64on5QnX

#plasticpollution #plasticpollutes #PlasticBan

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Breathe Project

2 weeks ago

Breathe Project

Thanks to PG Photographer Jessie Wardarski for capturing this photo of a power football game in Homer City with the nearby power plant blowing pollution as a backdrop. ... See MoreSee Less

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Smell something in your neighborhood?

Download the SmellPGH app on your phone
to report your air and track how pollutants travel.

Residents of Allegheny County can report air problems
to the Allegheny County Health Department.

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Breathe Cam Highlights

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Fighting air pollution is a team effort! We need your help
to take on the big polluters and protect public health.

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Take Action
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